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What is ADAmail?
ADAmail is a unique tool developed by IAMX and NMKR that combines traditional email with Web3 utilities. It allows users to send emails to every Cardano Wallet and log into their email account by connecting their wallet.
How does ADAmail differ from traditional email services?
ADAmail allows you to send and receive emails directly to and from wallet addresses. This facilitates direct communication within the crypto community, especially the Cardano community.
How can I stay updated on ADAmail's announcements?
You can follow the ADAmail Twitter account for all news and updates.
How can I access ADAmail?
ADAmail is accessible by purchasing one of three core NFTs;

- Base Pass
- Gold Pass
- Diamond Pass
Are there any benefits for NMKR and IAMX token holders?
While specific details are yet to be disclosed, there are hinted benefits for NMKR and IAMX token holders.
How does ADAmail ensure privacy and identity?
ADAmail provides flexibility in how users identify themselves when signing into their mailbox. They can remain anonymous, use their name or adahandle, or utilize their verified KYC data.
What are the key features of ADAmail?
Some of the main features include:

- Sending and receiving emails to and from wallet addresses:
- Connecting ADAmail to your preferred email client via SMTP
- Accessing ADAmail through purchasable NFTs
- Obtaining special email aliases through specific NFT purchases
- Integration of $handles, adadomains & more to come
How does the NFT minting process of the Email work?
ADAmail .handle is a unique feature that allows you to create personalized Email addresses based on your alias preferences selected by your .handle NFT. To connect with .handle, follow these steps:

1. Visit https://www.adamail.me/ to begin the process.
2. Choose a base pass, gold pass, or diamond pass based on your storage needs and alias preferences. This pass will determine the amount of storage you have available for your Emails.
3. Once you have purchased your ADAmail NFT (Non-Fungible Token), store it in the same wallet where you keep your .handles.
4. Login to ADAmail using your wallet. The ADAmail NFT in your wallet grants you access to the system.
5. The system will recognize your .handle in the wallet and automatically generate corresponding .handle Email addresses, such as your.name.handle@adamail.me.
6. To login to ADAmail, connect your wallet to adamail.me. This will grant you access to the system using the ADAmail NFT stored in your wallet. It's a seamless and secure way to authenticate your account.
7. If you have multiple .handles in your wallet, the system will create multiple Email addresses corresponding to each .handle. All of these Email addresses will share the purchased Email storage volume associated with the ADAmail NFT.
By connecting with .handle, you can personalize your Email addresses and enjoy the convenience of having multiple Email accounts without compromising your storage space. ADAmail makes it easy to manage and access your Emails while keeping your data secure.
What is the significance of the repeated phrase "Your wallet is your inbox"?
It emphasizes the unique feature of ADAmail where your Cardano wallet is directly integrated with your email, allowing for seamless communication and transactions.
Are there any upcoming features for ADAmail?
Yes, ADAmail plans to introduce features like:

- Email signing with your wallet
- Integration of Decentralized Identifier (DID) with email
- Enabling transactions via email.Mass-sending emails to holders of a specific policy ID
- Integration with decentralized signature solutions
How can I increase my ADAmail storage?
The ADAmail Access Passes are stackable, so if you own more of them your total storage will increase accordingly.
How does the NFT minting process of the Email work?
To get started, visit https://www.adamail.me/ and choose a base pass, gold pass, or diamond pass based on your alias preference and storage needs.

Once you have selected your pass, you can proceed to choose an alias using the gold or diamond pass. This alias will be associated with your NFT (example: your.name@adamail.me).

After making your pass and alias selections, you will need to complete the payment using NMKR (supported payments: wallets from Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, Credit Card). Don't worry, the entire process is carefully guided, ensuring a smooth experience. Once the payment is successfully made, you will receive your NFT. This unique NFT certifies your ownership of a specific amount of storage on ADAmail and an alias with the gold and diamond pass.

With this NFT, you can securely store your data and enjoy the benefits of a decentralized Email solution.
What happens with already received emails when I transfer my ADAmail Access Pass out of my wallet?
The emails will stay in your inbox & no one else will be able to access them. But you will not receive new emails to the alias email you transfered out of your wallet.
How to increase Email storage data volume?
To increase your Email storage data volume, simply collect multiple passes in your wallet. For
instance, if you have 2 base passes, each worth 500 MB, having both of them will give you a total of 1,000 MB of Email storage data volume. This storage can be used collectively for all your x@ADAmail.me Email accounts. By accumulating these passes, you can effectively expand the amount of data you can store in your Email accounts.
What is the process to connect and login to ADAmail?
Connecting and logging in to ADAmail is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Start by visiting https://www.adamail.me/ to access the ADAmail platform.
2. Choose a pass that suits your storage needs and alias preferences. You can select from the base pass, gold pass, or diamond pass. The pass you choose will determine the storage capacity and aliases available for your Emails.
3. Purchase your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) using NMKR Pay, the accepted payment service. Once you have acquired the NFT, store it safely in your wallet.
4. To login to ADAmail, connect your wallet to adamail.me. This will grant you access to the system using the ADAmail NFT stored in your wallet. It's a seamless and secure way to authenticate your account.
Once logged in, you can manage your ADAmail Email addresses, and all of them will share the purchased Email storage volume allocated to your ADAmail NFT. By following these steps, you can easily connect to ADAmail and enjoy the benefits of decentralized Email solution with customizable options to meet your needs.
What happens with the Emails if I sell the NFT?
If you decide to sell your NFT (for example, win@ADAmail.me), here's what happens with the Emails: Firstly, all the Emails you have received and stored in your account up until the date of the sale will remain exclusively yours. You will not be required to share them with the purchaser of the NFT.
However, any future Emails that are sent to the same alias (example: win@ADAmail.me) will be directed to the new owner of the NFT. This means that once the NFT is sold, any incoming Emails addressed to that specific alias will be received by the new owner of the NFT. In summary, while the Emails you have already received and stored will remain private to you, any future Emails addressed to the alias associated with the sold NFT will be delivered to the new owner.
What are the policy IDs of ADAmail?
Base Pass: ce7070f78d458ba67c737f13ec188bfc44ae7eeb1d9741419a9cdddf

Gold & Diamond Pass: 5d6c6940c0407b172436b71e2c0655af7dbed9559a96803a8562e58a
What happens to my Emails when the NFT validity period expires?
After the validity period of your NFT (Base and Gold pass for one year, diamond pass for five years), you will still have access to your Emails but you will not be able to send or receive any new Emails. To continue using the service of ADAmail or increase your Email storage capacity, we offer additional passes that you can choose from. These passes will extend the duration of the service or provide
more Email storage volume. We value your feedback and aim to provide you with an exceptional Email product. Therefore, please let us know your preferences, so we can fulfill to your needs accordingly.
How anonymous is ADAmail?
ADAmail provides a range of Email solutions to meet your needs. Here are the different options available:
1. Public Email: You can have a professional Email address like your.name@adamail.me for your personal or business use.

2. Stake Email: Specific Email address like your.stake.key@adamail.me dedicated to your wallet.

3. .handle Integration: ADAmail integrates with .handle, allowing you to have an -Email address like
your.handle.handle@adamail.me associated with your .handle account.

4. Anonymous Email
a) For those who prefer to maintain their privacy, ADAmail offers anonymous Email addresses like

b) You purchase and signup to ADAmail via an anonymous Cardano wallet, so your privacy is
protected. There is no traditional signup with username and password existing.

c) To furthermore protect your privacy, ADAmail offers encryption options for your Email traffic. You
can use PGP, mailvelope, or IAMX Wallet to encrypt your Emails end-to-end. This ensures that no
one, including IAMX/ADAmail, can access your inbox, providing security against data breaches.

d) To sign and by singing adding authenticity to your Emails you can use your Cardano wallet within
ADAmail, or PGP, mailvelope and IAMX wallet. At ADAmail, we prioritize your privacy and strive to
provide a secure and convenient Email service for you.

e) Legal: It's important to note that IAMX AG is the provider of ADAmail and operates under Swiss
law. ADAmail is classified as a derived communication service and is therefore subject to obligations
to cooperate with authorities for telecommunications surveillance (AAKD). In the event of a criminal
offense related to an anonymous Email, IAMX may be required to provide information about the
Email address to the Swiss & Surveillance of Postal and Telecommunications Traffic / ÜPF service.
What is the roadmap for ADAmail?
The roadmap for ADAmail is focused on prioritizing features based on customer feedback and needs.
As of August 2023, the following topics are planned for development:

1. Anonymous and Secure Communication: We are working on developing a communication system
that ensures anonymity, encryption, security, and privacy. This system will be transport and route
agnostic, rooted among peers via DIDcomm. It will eliminate any doubts regarding the authenticity of
the Email senders identity.

2. Spam Protection: Our goal is to combat spam and reward relevant Emails using a token
mechanism. This will prevent spammers from sending Emails, while continuously training our AI to
identify and handle spam effectively. Users will be incentivized to actively participate in the desired
handling of Email communications.

3. Authenticated Email: Users will be able to connect their identity through a single sign-on eKYC
process, ensuring security.

4. Authenticated E-Signatures: Our partnership with Docufi3d will enable users to sign any document
securely using electronic signatures.

5. Data: Enhancements will include plugin functions for payments and the ability to receive
automatic notifications from on-chain activities and oracles.

6. Monetization: We aim to introduce external loyalty and rewards programs, such as cashback
options. Users can earn rewards for reading Emails and have a cashback wallet.
We continue to listen to our customers and their needs to guide us in developing the most useful and
user-friendly features for ADAmail.